Assignment of more than 4 months

Ist er erforderlich, dass der Einsatz länger als vier Monate dauert, so kann eine Kurzaufenthaltsbewilligung L für mehr als vier Monate oder eine Aufenthaltsbewilligung B beantragt werden.

If an activity lasts more than 4 months, a contingent permit must be requested. Consequently, the permit can only be issued if there are still sufficient quotas available in the corresponding assignment canton. In principle, such a permit can be applied for EU/EFTA nationals but also for third-country nationals; different quotas apply. Depending on the duration of the assignment and the availability of the quotas, a short-term residence permit L or a residence permit B is issued. This permit can only be issued if the admission requirements according to the Foreign Nationals and Integration Act (FNIA) are cumulatively fulfilled.

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